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Conversion Copywriting for SaaS websites, landing pages, and email campaigns. 


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You don't have time to mess around. You need someone who knows how to move people to action and get results that positively affect revenue—at every stage of the journey. These people trusted me to be that guy.


Atlantic Metro






Our website leads are up 54%. People are organically finding our website and asking for pricing. Just today, we got three or four inquiries, where we might have gotten three or four a month before Chris’s work.
— Steve Oakie, VP Sales & Marketing, Atlantic Metro

I was raised in a bar. 

True story. My parents opened a bar and grill when I was 6, so I've basically been helping craft customer experiences my entire life. It's in my bones. 

When I got older, I flirted with law school before becoming a high school English teacher for 8 years. Persuasion, psychology, and understanding others' motivations comes pretty natural at this point. 

Turns out, these skills are super handy in copywriting too.

Here's some stuff I wrote for you...


the best copy doesn't come from you or me.

It comes straight from the mouths of your customers.

It all starts with spending time with your customers, talking to them, asking the right questions.

Wanna try it yourself? Learn the 3 keys steps in conducting customer research to increase conversions...

Chris brought a great perspective for improving our website, landing pages, and email copy. One of our main landing pages saw a 42% conversion lift after he rewrote it—and that was our first project together!
— Paul Zalewski, Marketing Manager, SolarPulse