IT Infrastructure Company Sees 54% Increase in Leads 

After Working with Real Good Writing


In early 2017, Steve Oakie, Atlantic Metro’s VP of Sales and Marketing wanted to build a stronger marketing portfolio.

“Everything I had was out of date by 10 years. We weren’t communicating in the marketplace, and as such, we weren’t attracting new customers. We needed someone who could help us with content development,”
— says Oakie

Looking for someone who could own strategy and writing duties, Steve was introduced to Chris Cooper at Real Good Writing. After hearing Atlantic Metro’s needs and challenges, Chris and Steve set to work, meeting weekly to get a handle on how to improve existing collateral as well as kickstart new marketing initiatives.

“Chris provided some flexibility early on around proving he could deliver,” says Oakie. “The focus was on getting to know each other, developing a voice for us through his style, and seeing the outcome before ever extending the agreement.”

Knowing Atlantic Metro needed “content everywhere,” Chris took a two-part approach, focused on getting old content up-to-date for the sales team, while building out the foundational elements of a new content marketing strategy.

“We had a lot of conversations around customer research, value props, buyer personas, and the overall strategy,” says Oakie.

“Chris was doing case studies and customer research, so we were really able to rebuild our website and new content around what customers were saying about us. He took all that customer feedback and articulated a value prop that was spot on.”


Today, Atlantic Metro has a solid strategy in place to effectively communicate their value to the marketplace. The sales and marketing team now has a clear and cohesive voice to leverage consistently across mediums.

Visits to Atlantic Metro’s core service pages are up, quality of inquiries have improved and conversions rates have jumped. Leads are up 54%.

“We have folks who are organically finding our website and asking for pricing. Just today, we got three or four inquiries, where we might have gotten three or four a month before Chris’s work.”

Citing a simplified marketing approach with a succinct value prop, Atlantic Metro’s marketing content and messaging has seen a 180-degree improvement. The sales team is loving new, high-quality content that clearly differentiates Atlantic Metro from competitors. In the end, everyone is selling more.

“When we started, there wasn’t much of a voice. Now, we have this simple value prop that we’re using in all our sales collateral because it just works. Chris has simplified our marketing approach.”


“Chris has been a great partner for us. I have a website that has high-quality content on it and a value proposition I’m very proud of for the first time. We’re gaining traction on conversion rates, and qualified leads and that’s the name of the game in marketing.”
— Steve Oakie, VP of Sales and Marketing, Atlantic Metro

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