You’re VC backed, you’ve got crazy growth goals, and no time to mess around.

The SaaS Marketing Accelerator™ is designed for me to step in, get a lay of the land, create a strategy, and execute the basics of a lead gen funnel, moving you quickly toward increased revenue so you can meet those goals. It’s not a plug and play solution, but rather a framework to get you where you’re going. .

I find it’s best to start at the beginning. So, let’s get cracking.


Phase I:

This front-end work will help you write copy that resonates with your audience, and serve as the lynchpin of all of your future marketing efforts.

• Customer survey
• Deep dive session - 75 minute call
• Interviews with key stakeholders
• Develop customer journey map
• Refine value prop
• Initial buyer persona creation

Phase 2:

With a solid marketing foundation in place, we can sketch out a plan for putting the pieces in motion. Understanding our goals and our path for achieving them will help the project run smoothly.

• Presentation of strategy playbook
• Content recommendations
• Define and agree upon KPIs
• Finalize buyer personas
• Content brief for funnel creation

Phase 3:

Now we’re ready to draft all the essential pieces of your lead gen machine. We’ll leverage everything we know about your audience to craft landing pages, a lead magnet, and nurture emails that will have them begging to work with you.

• 1 customized lead magnet: White paper, eBook, Infographic, Checklist/Tip Sheet, Action Guide
• 2 landing page variations, each with thank you Page (for A/B testing)
• 3-5 nurture emails for post opt-in