Let’s get frank (can I call you Frank?)

I’m never going to argue for short-term fixes to long-term problems, but hiring a full-time marketer takes a long time. And a lot of money. And onboarding. And training. And, in the end, you’ll still be looking for a writer.

The SaaS Marketing Accelerator™ is everything you need to get your marketing program off the ground and your inbound lead gen program running.

In 8 weeks!

And when it’s all said and done, you’ve still got a talented writer on board. One you don’t have to train or onboard because he’s been there since the beginning. I mean, really, why are you still reading? Let’s talk this out.

He is very professional and gets not only the writing piece, but also the bigger picture of how content fits into an overall strategy.
— Scott Hild, VP of Sales & Marketing, ElevatePoint