You can’t keep doing it all yourself.

You’ve built a Product.Now, you’re building a team 

But there are things you haven’t done before —content marketing and lead gen. You’re busy and you can’t own this right now. You need help.



SaaS marketing isn’t like other marketing.

There’s no time to limit your focus to one thing.

You need someone who gets lead gen, sure. But they also need to understand onboarding, nurturing, customer service, sales, retention, and converting from trial.

It’s about seeing how every interaction influences others, how each touch point is an opportunity, how each objection is your next piece of content.

They say someone who offers all this is rare. Finding someone who can do all this AND can write engaging, customer-centric copy? Impossible.

Until now.

You’re drinking from a firehose. This world pulls you in 50 directions any given day.

There are a thousand things to be done and not enough time to do them. None of it ends up happening unless you really make it happen.

Imagine the assurance that comes with having someone on your team who’s as invested in your growth as you are. The sense of confidence that comes with knowing someone gets your business as much as you do.

When you have someone dedicated to marketing strategy and execution, you get to focus on the overall health of your SaaS, not the individual parts.

You feel that? It’s called relief.


Saas Marketing Accelerator™

Whether you're just getting serious about your content marketing program—or you've been wearing too many hats for too long

—the SaaS Marketing Accelerator™ will ease your load and get your marketing dialed in for faster growth.

SMA is designed to help you lay a solid foundation for your marketing program, get guidance in creating the right content for the right audience, and fully launch a  conversion-focused lead gen campaign in 8 weeks.

Wanna know how? Let's talk about your business needs first. 

“When people struggle to find a good copywriter, I just say, “I know a guy. He’s got the perfect blend of gripe, angst, humility, and intelligence — a complete ‘what’s this bullshit?’ mentality. If that’s what you’re looking for, hire Chris.”
— Stephen Callender, Foster Commerce


You’re funded, you’ve got high growth goals, and no time to mess around.

The SaaS Marketing Accelerator™ is designed for me to step in, get a lay of the land, create a strategy, and execute the basics of a lead gen funnel, moving you quickly toward increased revenue.

It’s not a plug and play solution, but rather a proven framework to get you where you’re going.

Let’s get cracking...


Phase I:

This front-end work will help you write copy that resonates with your audience, and serve as the lynchpin of all of your future marketing efforts.

• Customer survey
• Deep dive session - 75 minute call
• Interviews with key stakeholders
• Develop customer journey map
• Refine value prop
• Initial buyer persona creation

Phase 2:

With a solid marketing foundation in place, we can sketch out a plan for putting the pieces in motion. Understanding our goals and our path for achieving them will help your project run smoothly.

• Presentation of strategy playbook
• Content recommendations
• Define and agree upon KPIs
• Finalize buyer personas
• Content brief for funnel creation

Phase 3:

Now we’re ready to draft all the essential pieces of your lead gen machine. We’ll leverage everything we know about your audience to craft landing pages, a lead magnet, and nurture emails that will have them begging to work with you.

• 1 customized lead magnet: White paper, eBook, Infographic, Checklist/Tip Sheet, Action Guide
• 2 landing page variations, each with thank you Page (for A/B testing)
• 3-5 nurture emails for post opt-in



Let’s get frank (can I call you Frank?)

I’m never going to argue for short-term fixes to long-term problems, but hiring a full-time marketer takes a long time. And a lot of money. And onboarding. And training. And, in the end, you’ll still be looking for a writer.

The SaaS Marketing Accelerator™ is everything you need to get your marketing program off the ground and your inbound lead gen program running.

In 8 weeks!

And when it’s all said and done, you’ve still got a talented writer on board. One you don’t have to train or onboard because he’s been there since the beginning. I mean, really, why are you still reading? Let’s talk this out.

“Chris not only gets the writing piece, but also the bigger picture of how content fits into an overall strategy.”
— Scott Hild, VP of Sales & Marketing, ElevatePoint