A solid marketing team is made up of a lot of people. You know this. We all know this. (This is what we English majors call an understatement).

Until now, you’ve never needed more than what you’ve had. The team was the right size. Sales were steady. Things were good.

Chris Cooper, Real Good Writing

You could handle all the little extras that popped up. In fact, you didn’t even mind wearing a few different hats. While switching gears was tiring, it was also a good break from time to time. Broke up the monotony. It felt like a challenge.

But now you’re here. Now, there’s not enough time. Now, there are too many hats. Now, you have specific needs. You have bigger goals, more pressure, and higher accountability.

Now you need things like whitepapers, and case studies, and email series. Now you need a strategy that you don’t have time to sketch out, let alone execute. And content funnels. People say you need authority and thought leadership, so you want those too.

What are you doing with all those cold leads that are just sitting there? Or those landing pages that are letting leads leak through? And, wouldn’t it be nice to get another set of eyes on that email series you’re starting to send out next week? Oh, and you need to start publishing the company newsletter again. And there’s that website rewrite.

86% of highly effective organizations have someone in charge of content strategy.
— Content Marketing Institute

There are new revenue goals to meet this quarter. But next quarter's quickly approaching too. And there’s that yearly goal to meet. And the sales team needs more qualified leads. They wanted them yesterday...

But what you really need is a nap. Or a good vacation. Instead, you’re here, and not on Travelocity booking your next great getaway. (Though, I’d highly encourage you to go there at some point. Sounds like you’re stressed).

You definitely need help. And knowing that any marketing team worth it’s salt has a strong copywriter (haven’t you seen Mad Men?), you specifically need content strategy and copywriting help .

But you don’t want just a copywriter. You want someone who understands strategy, psychology, and how to get the right message to the right audience (your audience). You want someone who:

  • Gets stuff done. On time.

  • Understands your business and why you do what you do

  • helps you grab new opportunities

  • watches others to help you find an edge

  • Knows what works and what doesn’t

  • Is willing to experiment

  • Takes the reigns

  • Offers an honest, outside perspective

  • Helps you grow

You know there’s just not enough time anymore. You also know there are a lot of people out there claiming they can do things they can’t do. Lots of people making promises they can’t keep. They have an inflated sense of what they’re capable of and they deliver mediocre results (pretty sure they’re called Millennials).

The biggest problem isn’t asking for help. It’s finding someone who can do what they say they can do. It’s hard to know you’re not wasting money. Or time. Or both.

But what if could find the right person? What if you could find someone who delivers on all those things outlined above. What if they were a talented writer, great manager, and an insightful strategist?

Are you willing to go another day feeling overwhelmed – and let’s admit it – slightly panicked that you’re not doing all the things you should be doing? Things that would make the company grow and make you look like a badass?

I'm pretty sure it was the movie Jaws that said, "You're gonna need a better content funnel:"

This isn’t ANOTHER theory. It’s not another over inflated promise.

It’s research based. It’s action-oriented. It’s results driven.

It’s worked for others and it will work for you too.

  • Chris quickly adapted to and understood our business innovations and solutions, as well as our corporate tone and style. With his help, we are able to help reach our content quotas and free up our team to focus on other strategic projects. He’s not afraid to speak up, provide insights, or ask questions, and even helps manage me at times.
    — Jeanne Rodriguez - Director of Social Media Marketing, SAP Ariba
  • In the past, our marketing efforts have gotten shifted to the background. Chris has helped us keep it a priority. Our numbers are up a significant amount over last year. I truly believe Chris has our best interest at heart and wants our company to succeed as much as we do. It’s the power of his awesomeness that keeps us working together.
    — Dr. Trevor Askew, Grene Laser
  • I hired Chris to help develop our website content and write the copy for our employee newsletter. Not only is Chris fast and easy to work with, but his copy writing skills are stellar. He was able to tell our story with powerful headlines and intriguing, yet informative copy. He made manufacturing interesting and revitalized our brand.
    — Audrey Seiler - Marketing Manager, Tenere
  • It is difficult to find a good writer, so I am always a little leery initially, but Chris quickly proved himself. He is very professional and gets not only the writing piece, but also the bigger picture of how content fits into an overall strategy.
    — Scott Hild, VP of Sales & Marketing, ElevatePoint
  • Chris helps us - a Dutch company, selling worldwide - give our marketing messages an American flavor. The real added value for us, however, is that Chris takes the effort to understand our product, our customers, and our market and therefore helps to position our brand in an original way. He is a nice guy, which is also important.
    — Linda van Wijk, Director of Marketing Communications, Lumion
Chris Cooper, Real Good Writing

Let’s break this down one more time.

Failure to hire a good content strategist and copywriter, right now = sleepless nights, long hours, tension headaches, an unhealthy reliance on caffeine, time away from your family, rushed work, leaky funnels, stagnant revenue, and falling farther behind.

Success in hiring a good content strategist and copywriter, right now = peace of mind, revenue growth, more qualified leads, increased presence in your market, new opportunities, decent hours, a healthier lifestyle, and relief.

When you partner with the right person to help you manage your marketing efforts, craft the right strategies, and deliver the perfect content, you can’t lose.

How awesome would that be?

When you’re ready to gain some time back and sleep a little easier knowing you have your content strategy in capable hands, let me know. I’d love to meet you.

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