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Birthplace: Goodland, Kansas

File Name: Cooper, Christopher

Primary Specialty: Content Strategy 

Secondary Specialty: Sarcasm

Chris honed his skills of persuasion and smooth talk at his parents' bar and grill in the mid-80s. At age seven, he found he could convince people to give him quarters so he could play arcade games all day. He also spent his days riding his bike over shoddy, homemade ramps, breaking rocks with a hammer to “see the insides,” drinking Roy Rogers, watching music videos on MTV (when they still played them), and writing letters to “Weird Al” Yankovic's fan club.

Chris experienced early writing success in grade school when he penned a poem about a flatulence-based event that destroyed the entire town, resulting in the Army trying to restore order. The final line of this brilliant piece: “They gave me some X-lax, it calmed me down. As I walked out the door, I said, “where is the town?””

He was also a multi-year finalist (Three-peat!? 😂) of a local conservation contest where he submitted riveting, environmentally-conscious limericks ("There once was a man named Bob, all of his friends called him a slob...") made into posters. The accompanying artwork was never evaluated, but rest assured, it was brilliant as well.  

Chris has an extensive collection of "Weird Al" Yankovic cassette tapes and runner-up poetry plaques. 

Note: This page was inspired by the G.I. Joe profile cards I collected as a kid.

Okay, Okay. So I’m a professional too. Here ya go…

As the founder of Real Good Writing, Chris Cooper helps B2B tech and software companies lead with empathetic, customer-driven web copy. He’s worked with SAP Ariba, Atlantic Metro, GTT, Arrow Electronics, and BrowserStack.

Chris has spoken at Denver Startup Week and has been featured on Copyblogger FM, Hot Copy, UX Writing Hub, and Conversion Sciences. He also writes a monthly blog post for Kapost Marketeer.

Wanna know more about how this all came to be? Read the full story here.

Let’s do some good…

I see planting a tree in the world as a symbol of hope.

Tree’s are a long play. A bet on our futures. Planting a tree is a selfless act, something we do for others who may enjoy our labors down the road. Sure, we may sit its shade, eat its fruit, climb its branches years from now, but we’re banking on the idea that it (and we) will still be there years from now.

After watching the devastating wildfires of 2018, I decided I could do more to help. Nothing big, nothing earth-shattering or life-changing. I was just looking for one hopeful act. What could I do from so far away? Then it dawned on me. What was more hopeful than planting a tree?

Real Good Writing is proud to partner with One Tree Planted to aid reforestation efforts in California and Colorado. We plant at least 50 new trees for every new client we work with.

One Tree Planted is a small, dedicated team with a mission to reforest the planet one tree at a time. To learn more about them and their efforts, watch the video below or click their icon to visit their site.