Good content takes research. And research takes time. Let me help.



The Real Good Process

You’ve achieved PMF, you’ve got high growth goals, and no time to mess around.



Maybe your churn is higher than you'd like. Or, people are confused about how to use your product. And we both know lead gen could always be better. 

With my process, we’ll spend more time finding out what makes customers tick, so we can improve those numbers that matter most to your growth.

Here’s what it looks like…

“When people struggle to find a good copywriter, I just say, “I know a guy. He’s got the perfect blend of gripe, angst, humility, and intelligence — a complete ‘what’s this bullshit?’ mentality. If that’s what you’re looking for, hire Chris.”
— Stephen Callender, Foster Commerce

1. Getting Starting

Some people make it hard to get started. I like to cut to the chase. Here's how we do that.

  • You answer a few background questions through the assessment.
  • We schedule a short call where I’ll ask about your project, biggest problems, timeline, budget, etc.

2. It’s Business Time!

Once we decide to work together, I send over a statement of work that outlines our goals, deliverables, start date, and project price.

We both sign, then I send an invoice for 50% of the total. If your project is more than $10k, we'll define milestone payments.

3. Digging In - Customer Research

I'm not going to write a single word of copy unless I understand your business, your product, and your customers.

This is the part where I collect any existing collateral, conduct interviews with your staff and customers, and send out a survey to any paying customers to make sure I have the full picture. I may also request a demo of your product.

4. Writing, Revision & Editing

Now for the fun part!

I take all those little nuggets and moments and pain points your customers shared and turn them into compelling website, landing page, and email copy. Everything I deliver to you will be 95% ready and fully mocked up in a Google Doc. I'll also send a final invoice upon copy delivery.

5. Implementation

If step 4 was the most fun, this step is the most exciting.

Once your designer has made our copy look awesome, you get to enjoy the glorious conversion machine you've just unleashed onto the world.

6. Optimization

Once your web copy, landing pages, and emails are bearing fruit, you need to tend to the garden. I will ensure your copy stays relevant and continues to be connected to your campaign goals.

Chris brought a great perspective for improving our website, landing pages, and email copy. One of our main landing pages saw a 42% conversion lift after he rewrote it—and that was our first project together!
— Paul Zalewski, Marketing Manager, Solar Pulse

Let’s get frank (can I call you Frank?)

Optimizing existing copy and attracting new customers is an on-going process.

I’m never going to argue for short-term fixes to long-term problems, so if you need to hire someone in-house or you're looking for a quick fix, I get that.

But if we decide we can accomplish the same goals together—on a long-term basis—that's a conversation we should have.

In fact, most of my clients end up doing month-to-month contracts at the end of our initial engagement. If that's something you're interested in, let's talk it out.


Ready to do this?