How "Perfection" Is Holding You Back

Starting something without being able to anticipate the outcome is one of the most frightening things you can do. You tell yourself it has to be perfect. But the idea of perfection gives a false sense of control. 

Because it’s about giving up control, you have to trust yourself more than usual. You have to believe, to convince yourself, that this is the best thing you can do – right now. And if you own it – if you truly take action to move forward – you'll be okay. Growth is more important than perfection. Some people might have a problem with this. But you're not worried about them. Are you?

Ironically, the imperfect results are never as bad as you imagine them to be.

Not knowing the end result is the only way to give value to what you do. Usually, things turn out better than you hoped. It’s not other people or circumstance holding you back. It’s you.

The best things you can do in your life won't have a clearly defined ending. Things like marriage, having kids, a career change. Things you'll know how to start but will have no clue how to finish. And that's what's best about them - the not knowing. 

That vulnerability is not weakness, it’s power. Throwing out ideas and work to the world and getting a response – good or bad - is thrilling. These types of things give you the energy to keep moving forward, no matter where you end up. Remember, nearly everything can be undone. Even the big mistakes will eventually move you forward - sometimes more so.

Imperfection can somehow feel more optimistic and hopeful than indecision. Embracing nebulous results can give you a greater sense of control. If it’s a mistake, at least it’s your mistake. Right?  

Start a conversation about this. When have you ever taken imperfect action by saying, “I have no idea how this is going to turn out, but I’m doing it anyway!”