A Simple Marketing Strategy to Gain Customer Loyalty

I won a contest today and I'm pretty excited about it. But this isn't about me. It's about a great marketing strategy.

Giveaways can be great ways to build loyalty and gain word of mouth marketing. Aside from building your mailing list, you're generating good will, and ultimately, business.

Think about it. As a winner, I wrote this post, linked to it on Facebook, and Tweeted about it, in addition to telling my friends in person (not to mention that I'll be wearing the T-shirt once I get it). That's pretty good marketing for a small effort. 

And Mike's creating brand loyalty. He made me feel good about myself and that makes me want to come back and read what else he has to offer (even though I already was). 

Use Mike as an example. How could you connect with your audience or clients in a meaningful way? What can you offer them that will make them feel good and talk about you?

So, now that you've seen the video, do yourself a favor and check out The Wellness Bucket. Mike is a great resource for growth, fulfillment, encouragement, motivation, and advice.