Copywriter vs. Content Writer: Which One Do You Need?

A lot of people have trouble understanding the difference between a copywriter and content writer. A writer is a writer is a writer. Right?

Well, not so fast there, Poncho.

Hiring the wrong kind of writer definitely affects your business.  

See, the problem with mixing up copywriters and content writers is that it leads to results that are...less than stellar.  

This is the kind of thinking that gets blog writers working on landing pages. And conversion copywriters working on ebooks. Not that they can't. They just probably shouldn't.

And if you're talking to a writer who says they can do anything, well, that's not necessarily true either. Because, while good writing can be hard to come by, it doesn't mean a good writer is good at everything. 

So, what's the big deal. I explain in this 3-minute video.