The Difference Between “Getting It Done” and Getting It Right.

So, a few weeks ago, I sent about a bajillion emails telling everyone I know that I’ve focused my business exclusively on creating B2B lead generation campaigns for tech and software companies. 

And the response was great. Lots of emails and messages from people telling me how smart I am, how it’s such a good idea, wondering if they can hire me, etcetera, etcetera. (yes, this is a humble brag).

Here’s the deal, though. I also got a lot of people asking me how I came to this decision (Even though I wrote a post about it). And the gist is this…

Most of the people I work with initially wanted to hire me to create marketing materials they weren’t quite ready for.

Let me tell you a quick story to illustrate what I mean...

Last December, a tech company wanted to hire me to create a lead generation campaign designed around a new product offering they had. We talked, I sent a proposal, we agreed to terms, and we got to work.

But about a week in, things came to a screeching halt. It was my fault. I made some assumptions about where they were as a company (likewise, they’d made some assumptions about how ready they were).

Truth is, they could barely agree on who their ideal customer is. Which is a pretty important thing to understand if you want to create a campaign designed to bring you more customers.

Long story short, I just spent the last 9 months interviewing their customers, talking with every member of their sales team, tightening up their value proposition, creating customer personas, mapping their customer journey, and revamping their entire website to be more aligned with the businesses they serve.

Finally, next month, we’re rolling out a small lead gen campaign, mostly to test the waters of all our hard work. And once we nail that, we’ll focus on building the comprehensive campaign they wanted to hire me to create last year.

I tell you this because I see this too often…

Companies shooting themselves in the foot because they’ve got checkbox syndrome, a deadly marketing disease where companies just check marketing items off a to-do list instead of taking the time to do them right. Then they wonder why it’s not working...

Which is why I’ve taken all this experience – all this trial-and-error – and put together a 3-Part program to guide you through this entire experience way faster than 9 months. In fact, it’s so laser focused, I do it all in 8 weeks.

To put some real world numbers to that idea, when I did this for one of my clients just a few months ago, they generated 67 new leads within a couple weeks of launching. 67!

What could you do with 67 new leads?

To find out more about how we might work together, schedule a strategy session with me and I'll tell you all about my process.