Greater Consistency Across Campaigns Is Your Competitive Advantage


Social media promotion that drives to a well-written blog post that links to a engaging landing page gating a valuable piece of content. Wrap it all up with a thank you page that redirects to other great assets and you've got yourself a winning lead or demand generation campaign.  

With the bulk of your persuasive content being taken care of in the background, you'll have more time to focus on making sure all the other pieces of your campaign are in place and ready to go.  

Existing Asset.png

Benefit: By building around an existing assets, you'll have a complete lead or demand gen funnel ready to go within a couple of weeks, meaning you start bringing in new customers in the amount of time other writers would still be negotiating with you.

Build around your existing assets with conversion-focused copy for:

  • Social Media Promotion
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
  • "Launch" Blog Post (~750 words)
  • Up to 3 B2B focused emails, specific to your list
  • Landing Page w/ Thank You Page

Results: Mobile Solutions and I created a multi-touch campaign that generated more than 250 new leads. 

Benefit: Creating new assets from scratch can take lots of time. Shortcut that experience by letting me handle the research, layout, and writing of a new one, all while building consistent funnel content around it. 

All conversion focused copy from "Existing Asset" package, plus, Copy development of a new asset:

  • White paper
  • e-Book
  • Infographic
  • Webinar
  • Video script
  • Checklist/Tip Sheet
  • Manifesto
  • Action Guide
  • Email course
  • Infographic


Results: N2Y and I created a full campaign that generated 67 new leads during their off season.

It all starts by scheduling a strategy call. When you do, I'll send you an email to complete a brief application. This will Help Us hit the ground running on our call. 

If you do not complete the application, your call will be canceled.