Conversion-Focused Copy for Your Demand Generation Campaigns

Optimize Every Piece of your Funnel


You and I both know there's a process to buying. As marketers, it's our job to help potential customers move through that process as efficiently as possible. The problem is, you don't have the time, energy, or people to write the personalized copy you need to nurture those potential customers along. 

As a conversion-focused copywriter, I'll help you engage more of the right customers on multiple platforms, across multiple touch points. We'll not only improve your campaign results, but we'll more naturally speak your customers' language, driving greater revenue for your company.


How It Works


First, We Talk

We've gotta start somewhere, ammaright? Let's spend 20 minutes together so I can prove to you that I'm not a buffoon and that I can actually do what I claim. We can set that up by clicking the button right over here >>>>>>>>>>

Upshot: You move your project forward knowing you just found the right guy. 


Then, We Do a Wayfinding Workshop

Look, you and I both know it's hard to find good people you can trust. And instead of telling you I know what I'm doing, I'd like to show you. That's why we always start with a 90-minute workshopping session. 

I'll ask some (okay, a lot) of questions about your business, your marketing efforts, your sales process, and your product. This helps me get some context for where we're starting and where we should head. Chances are, you know where you want to go, but as a partner, I'd like to be there with you. 

Upshot: Clarity, focus, strategy, and documentation of our goals. 


Where We'll Choose Your Asset

Technically, this conversation will happen during our Wayfinding Workshop, but we should call attention to it separately.

It's important that we understand what we're working with. 

We'll discuss whether it makes sense to build your campaign around existing assets, if we need to create new ones from scratch, or if we can repurpose other existing content. 

Once we get this right, the rest of the process falls into place. 

Upshot: Confidence in knowing a starting point, project scope, and expectations. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 8.47.54 PM.png

Then, Onto Content Creation

Now that we know what our campaign foundation looks like, we can start to build out the rest of your campaign pieces. This will include: 

  • Social media posts for a variety of channels/platforms
  • Personalized promotion email to share your newest blog post
  • A blog post touching on the topic of the asset we're driving to
  • A landing page with a lead-capture form
  • A thank you page that redirects leads to other useful content
  • Your white paper, infographic, webinar, or other asset [if needed]

Upshot: Message alignment across all pieces to orient visitors and drive higher conversion rates. 


Copy Approval

Once I've created and polished drafts for each piece of your campaign, I'll share them with you in a Google document tailored to you and your project. This format makes it easy to share comments, track changes, and make updates together - not in the isolation of some darkened writer's room where you get no say. 

I'll keep things moving with frequent follow-ups, revision timelines, and inclusion of everyone who needs a voice in the process.

Upshot: Pitch-perfect campaign copy built to fit your team's strategy and goals.


Send to Design

Good copy and good design go together like Forrest and Jenny. They're interesting apart, but they're better together. 

Design credentials aside, you can rest assured that I have a good eye, experience in knowing what works, and am happy to share ideas or give direction for you and your design team.

And if you don't have a designer? Just ask. I know plenty of good people and I'm happy to recommend someone just right for you, your business, and your style. 

Upshot: Copy and design that work together to make a more compelling case to potential customers. 


And Finally, Launch, Promote & Optimize

The "under the hood," technical work that goes into effectively and efficiently launch and promote your campaign matters as much as copy and design.

As the Head of Marketing, you'll drive this part...but I'll be in your sidecar. I want to know how things perform against our goals and how we're doing in comparison to past campaigns.  

But that doesn't mean we're done. Every good campaign should improve over time. That's where you and I can continue this beautiful journey. 

Upshot: Not only a refined, personalized campaign to drive new revenue, but a strategic partner who can help you analyze, tweak, and create new content for future campaigns. 

Here are some of the clients I've worked with...


And Here are some of the nice things they've said about me...

  • Chris quickly adapted to and understood our business innovations and solutions, as well as our corporate tone and style. With his help, we are able to help reach our content quotas and free up our team to focus on other strategic projects. He’s not afraid to speak up, provide insights, or ask questions, and even helps manage me at times.
    — Jeanne Rodriguez - Director of Social Media Marketing, SAP Ariba
  • In the past, our marketing efforts have gotten shifted to the background. Chris has helped us keep it a priority. Our numbers are up a significant amount over last year. I truly believe Chris has our best interest at heart and wants our company to succeed as much as we do. It’s the power of his awesomeness that keeps us working together.
    — Dr. Trevor Askew, Grene Laser
  • I hired Chris to help develop our website content and write the copy for our employee newsletter. Not only is Chris fast and easy to work with, but his copy writing skills are stellar. He was able to tell our story with powerful headlines and intriguing, yet informative copy. He made manufacturing interesting and revitalized our brand.
    — Audrey Seiler - Marketing Manager, Tenere
  • It is difficult to find a good writer, so I am always a little leery initially, but Chris quickly proved himself. He is very professional and gets not only the writing piece, but also the bigger picture of how content fits into an overall strategy.
    — Scott Hild, VP of Sales & Marketing, ElevatePoint
  • Chris helps us - a Dutch company, selling worldwide - give our marketing messages an American flavor. The real added value for us, however, is that Chris takes the effort to understand our product, our customers, and our market and therefore helps to position our brand in an original way. He is a nice guy, which is also important.
    — Linda van Wijk, Director of Marketing Communications, Lumion