Mobile Solutions Content Campaign Produces 250+ New Leads

In early 2017, Mobile Solutions was about to release a major platform update they called MAX. As a part of the launch strategy for MAX, the Mobile Solutions marketing team and I created a multi-touch content marketing campaign designed to do two things:

  1. Educate existing customers about the switch to the new platform

  2. Acquire new customers

The team and I were primarily focused on lead generation efforts.

After creating a number of high-value assets together—savings calculators, infographics, toolkits, assessments, and guides—we had to promote the dang things to Mobile Solutions’ existing email lists. We also leveraged channel partners’ networks.

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 1.09.07 PM.png

The Approach…

I crafted a series of action-oriented emails for this specific audience, highlighting known pain points and driving to the valuable assets we’d created to alleviate those pain points.

Each email in the series was designed to build upon the previous one, while also recognizing that not all emails would be read every time.

more than 250 new leaDs

Yes, this campaign generated a lot of new work for Mobile Solutions sales team. (Not a bad return, eh? ) These leads were then nurtured via a new email series I also created.

Let’s be fair; I didn’t created these results by myself. Credit fully belongs to the well-oiled marketing machine VP of Marketing Alice Tran has created at Mobile Solutions. But I’m proud to have contributed to their success.

To see the text version of that successful email series go here.