I’m Chris.

I live in Denver with my wife, Sarah, and our three daughters, Sullivan, Gemma, and Mylo. Our lives are filled with laughter and amazement every day. My life is also, unexpectedly, filled with mermaid costumes, painted nails, the color pink, and glitter. Lots of glitter. Always glitter. 

I grew up in a small town in Western Kansas. Like 4000 people small. My graduating class had 78 kids in it. That’s the kind of place where you have no choice but to pick up good values – like loyalty, honor, and honesty - so I hang my hat on those things.

I left that small town to attend college in Eastern Kansas. I wanted to be anonymous.  I also thought I would be a lawyer. That lasted for about four weeks. I needed something new, so I did some soul searching – the kind a 19 year old does. Which means I played a lot of video games and skipped my classes.

Then a friend convinced me to sit in on an Intro to Teaching class and I saw something I could be good at. So I got a teaching degree.

Looking back, I was never really satisfied with it. I was good at it. And it was pretty easy. And fun, for the most part. But for years I ignored the fact that I wanted something else, something more challenging, something I could call my own.

I grew up watching my parents build businesses. They worked their asses off to make sure my siblings and I didn’t grow up the way they did. So launching my own business never seemed crazy to me. It seemed more like something that was sleeping beneath the surface waiting to be awakened.

I was led to this place, sort of unconsciously.

After a nearly a year of grasping at anything other than teaching, a friend offered me the opportunity to work as a part-time copywriter with a small creative agency. I jumped at the opportunity, writing at night and on the weekends. Seven months later I made the decision to work for myself and launched Real Good Writing.

I finished out the school year and put my family’s fate in my own hands. Sometimes it scares the shit out of me. Most times, it drives me and excites me and inspires me.

It’s exhilarating to act on your dreams. Hard as hell, but exhilarating. I also love the process of not knowing what’s next.

I'm hoping that next thing involves working with you and your growing your business. You can tell me all about here.