“The principles of wayfinding are simple; the practicalities are very complex.”
— Nainoa Thompson, the first modern-day Polynesian to learn and use wayfinding for long-distance, open-ocean voyaging

For thousands of years, ancient voyagers used wayfinding -  observations of the stars, the sun, ocean swells, and other signs of nature - for clues to guide their vessels in the open seas of Polynesia. 

Likewise, we’ll sit down together to do some wayfinding of our own, except we’ll be talking about your business, not the open seas.

 Photo credit: http://www.hokulea.com/education-at-sea/polynesian-navigation/polynesian-non-instrument-wayfinding/

A Real Good Writing Wayfinding Workshop has three components:

  1. Reading the Signs - A 90-minute meeting (in person or online) to dig deep into your business, your sales process, and your marketing efforts (among other things).

  2. Downwind Document - The creation of a course strategy to reach our identified destination. A clearly defined strategy and next steps will put the wind at our backs, helping us moving toward our goals much faster. This document will help you “hold course.”

  3. Finding Land - Together, we’ll walk through the document, identifying trends, suggestions, and recommended next steps.


*(This cost gets applied to your first demand generation campaign project).